This hearing aid will leave you jumping for joy!

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Raphael M. Cheron, MHA

Hearing aids just keep getting better and better, and there’s no exception with the Moxi Jump from Unitron:

First, you will notice the unbelievable sound quality. The most important feature of any hearing aid is the ability to hear conversations better in whatever situation your life may throw you. After all, that is the number one reason you seek hearing aids in the first place. The new Unitron will not disappoint you. Powered by the latest chip technology from the largest hearing care company, this hearing aid has direct connectivity and rechargeable technology plus a telecoil. This means that Moxi Jump pairs perfectly with your digital world. It offers hands-free phone and video calling to both ears and the latest direct connectivity on all phones and your favorite media. It also offers a powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable battery so you can go through your entire day worry-free. And, an easy overnight charge will have you ready to go early the next morning. Unitron packed a lot of technology in a small space.  If you love the proven advantages of telecoil, this hearing aid delivers. Hearing loops and telecoil have been around for a while, but if you need more information, then read our blog on the benefits of hearing loops by clicking here:


Most hearing aid companies sell the exact same hardware with slightly different software installed on each hearing aid to enable or disable premium level hearing aid features (like directional hearing or noise reduction). These software differences are what ultimately determine a hearing aid’s level of sophistication or technology level. How much technology someone needs, largely depends on how socially active you are.  For someone who has a very quiet lifestyle – they spend most of their time at home and not very often in noisy situations like restaurants – lower level technology is adequate. Basically, don’t spend money on features you don’t need.  However, someone who leads a very active social life needs more sophisticated technology to keep up with their higher communication demands.

Have you been searching for flexibility in price and technology, based on your financial and hearing needs? While most hearing aids are locked onto a specific technology level, Unitron is different as it operates with an open platform, providing patients with the ease and flexibility to try different levels and pay for only the software features they need to get a satisfactory hearing outcome.

For patients who do not know how much technology they need, they will be fitted with our trial hearing aids to wear in their own environments for up to two weeks.  The instruments have features, which analyze how often our patient is in quiet, having conversations in small or large group settings, in background noise or listening to music to assess how socially active they are.  Based on data, the software will recommend a specific level of technology that matches our patients’ social life. After the trial period with data analysis and technology recommendation, Sounds Good! will go ahead and order the patient’s hearing aids.

To learn more about our Risk Free Trial, click here:

Like other products from Unitron, the Discover can be upgraded at any time to fit our patients changing hearing needs and financials. When patients check in to tell us and they aren’t receiving the benefit they expected, we can with Unitron hearing aids bump up the technology level and until we’ve found the level that’s right for them. Patients appreciate the flexibility as their hearing aids are more future proof.

To learn more about Unitron Discover features and benefits, Raphael Cheron and Kristen Ashley from Unitron had a fun and informal tech talk on our YouTube channel:


Unitron is part of Sonova, the world’s largest hearing healthcare company. However, we think that Unitron is unique as it partners with independent clinics like Sounds Good! to enhance patient experience and outcomes with great products, tools and services. Unitron differentiates itself in the industry by being highly approachable, collaborative and easy to work with, giving it an edge when it comes to customer service for us and our patients.

Sounds Good! Is locally owned and operates independently, which is also the reason why we can offer a wide variety of brands and models as we only have to look after our patients and not a manufacturer or any other affiliation.

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