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Hearing Aid Products & Brands

At Sounds Good!, we offer hearing aids and assistive technology from a range of manufacturers and device providers.

Although each of these manufacturers offers a different profile of features and functions, the most important thing is finding assistance that is suited to your individual needs. For example, some individuals will benefit from Bluetooth technology, while others will find it to be unnecessary or cumbersome.

When it comes to finding the right hearing aids or assistive technology for your needs, it is important to work hand-in-hand with a hearing specialist or audiologist to match your hearing needs, lifestyle, and desires for service into a single treatment plan. Sound Good! offers the right combination of expertise and understanding of the ways that features may contribute to your life. The first step is to schedule a consultation and hearing test to move down the road to clear and healthy hearing once again. The following are some of the hearing aid manufacturers that may be right for you.

unitron logo

Unitron offers a number of models, but we tend to point many of our customers toward the Moxi line.  Moxi is designed to connect with all smartphones, not only with iPhones as are some other models of smartphone compatible hearing assistance. The functions are also hands free, not requiring the user to touch or otherwise interface with the phone in order to receive its services. Moxi hearing aids specializes in this ability, particularly through using the SoundNav program, which enables you to establish settings in several categories of listening environments including quiet speech, background noise speech, and intense or concurrent noise. The Moxi Jump R is even a rechargeable option.

resound logo

Another long-standing manufacturer in hearing assistance is ReSound. Reaching back to 1943 when hearing assistance was in its early stages of technological development, Resound has been a pioneer in the field. One of their top innovations is the development of versatile hearing aids that can accommodate the demands of active lifestyles. ReSound has devised a special coating to deflect these environmental challenges in the natural world. With sleek and innovative designs, they have also managed to create manual controls that are easy to manipulate, particularly useful for those with dexterity issues or arthritis. ReSound creates an ecosystem of hearing aids, apps, and wireless accessories to let you adapt to all kinds of environments and situations and makes sure you hear the sounds you want to hear.

phonak logo

Phonak asks its users to imagine a world where every person can experience the delight of clear and natural hearing, living a life without limitations. If you can imagine this kind of life, you can turn to Phonak for hearing assistance. With sleek designs and long battery life, Phonak emphasizes the social and emotional needs of its customers, developing aids in a wide variety of styles and with a wide assortment of functions. Particularly for those who desire to regain high frequencies, Phonak has been a leader in restoring the full spectrum of sound to those with hearing impairments. Two models have been exceptional for our patients: Marvel and the Audeo BR. These aids offer incredible, rechargeable battery life and are fully automatic, requiring no manual manipulation whatsoever. These Phonak models also enable users to hear quiet sounds with great precision.

Other Hearing Aid Manufacturers

oticon logo
Oticon is a Danish hearing assistance manufacturer that specializes in high-end hearing aids, particularly suited to replicating the natural world of sound. A world leader in hearing assistance since 1904, Oticon has been working in hearing assistance before most of contemporary technologies existed, and they have used this vast experience to reinvest in research and development to create exceptionally clear and natural sounds directly to your ears. This precision filters out the surrounding noise in busy environments to suit most kinds of hearing loss. In addition to these specializations, the People First promise is a driving value of the manufacturer, empowering users to communicate freely, to interact naturally, and to participate actively in the world.

signia logo
140 years of hearing assistance ranks Signia among the oldest manufacturers of hearing assistance. With roots in the Sivantos Group in the 1800s, much has changed in assistive technology since the time this manufacturer began serving customers, yet they have been able to match the changing needs of modern life with acumen. Drawing on early telephone receiver technology, Signia has transformed the landscape of sound amplification, truly on the cutting edge of hearing assistance.