Sign of Hearing Loss

Sign of Hearing Loss

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It is easy to assume that hearing loss only happens to people as they get older, but the truth is that hearing loss does not discriminate, regardless of age. So if you are starting to suspect that you may be experiencing some hearing loss, you are not alone. 

Although the loss of hearing usually develops gradually, there are a few telltale signs that you can keep an out for. Being able to recognize the signs of hearing loss early on can make a difference in the kind of treatment you receive and how hearing loss affects the quality of your life.

Catching Only Half the Conversation

Difficulty following conversational dialogue, especially in noisy environments is one of the first and most obvious signs of hearing impairment. Do you ever ask people to repeat themselves, lean in close to hear someone talk, or struggle to make out voices in a group setting? All of these are clues that it might be time to have your hearing tested.

Do you crank the volume up high on the TV? Do you blast your radio higher than usual? Has anyone ever told you that the volume is too loud even though it sounds normal to you? These are common signs of untreated hearing loss.

Have you ever noticed a buzzing sound? Have you heard a ringing or hisses noises? Experiencing those sounds is most likely what’s known as tinnitus. Although the causes can vary, tinnitus is regularly linked to hearing loss. It is worth mentioning to your hearing health specialists if you notice any of these sounds in tandem with other difficulties hearing.

Missing High-Pitched Sounds

Do you sometimes miss the phone ringing or not hear the microwave beep? Are you hearing fewer birds chirp? That is not a random occurrence. Some of the first sounds to go with hearing loss are the higher-frequency ones. 

Is it hard to keep up during complex or fast-paced conversations? Have you ever heard the words people are saying but still had difficulty making sense of them? Hearing loss can lead to frequent misunderstandings and confusion.

Is staying in for quiet nights at home your preferred choice? Have you ever turned down invitations to parties and family gatherings to escape the frustration of not being able to hear well? People living with untreated hearing loss tend to avoid social environments because of difficulties hearing. If this is so for you, it might be time to get a hearing health exam.

Feeling Drained After Conversations

Do parties and other social events leave you feeling utterly drained? When left untreated, hearing loss forces the brain to use extra energy to make up for the loss. This can be stressful and leave you feeling mentally and physically exhausted. If you ever feel more tired than usual or stressed after socializing it could mean that it’s time to test your hearing.

One surprising side effect of hearing loss is that it can change the way you speak. Has anyone ever pointed it out when you talk louder than necessary? Have you noticed an increase in stumbling over your words? Do you experience difficulties with pronunciation or finding the right words to use? These are all signs that it might be time to have your hearing tested.

The first step is to schedule a hearing health exam with a qualified hearing healthcare professional. Assessing your hearing can help you figure out the extent of any possible hearing loss and what to do next.

Being able to spot the signs of hearing loss is like having a cheat sheet on your hearing health and can set the stage for treatment. If any of the signs of hearing loss seem familiar to you, it’s time to take action. Don’t wait to seek help, call today


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