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Necessity is the Mother of Intervention – How Coronavirus is Transforming Our Hearing Healthcare Services

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When our sense of hearing is interrupted, we can easily become isolated.  Many of our patients rely on our audiological services and support to remain connected. Sounds Good!  is therefore keeping our doors open for patients, but only allowing for one appointment at a time. Maximum distance, cleaning, disinfecting agents, handwashing, gloves, and face masks, when necessary, have become key …

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Tips and tricks for going to a restaurant with hearing loss

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Does it seem that restaurants have been getting louder and louder? According to experts, restaurants deliberately create louder environments as they want to create a “fun” atmosphere or making sure that customers don’t want to linger – thereby increasing table turnover and revenues. So, having conversation in a noisy restaurant can be difficult, even for individuals with normal hearing. The …

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This hearing aid will leave you jumping for joy!

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Hearing aids just keep getting better and better, and there’s no exception with the Moxi Jump from Unitron: First, you will notice the unbelievable sound quality. The most important feature of any hearing aid is the ability to hear conversations better in whatever situation your life may throw you. After all, that is the number one reason you seek hearing …

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Introduction to Hearing Loops

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Ever struggle to hear from a distance at a theatre, house of worship or in a meeting? Hearing loop systems in these venues, plus a telecoil in a hearing aid might be just the help you are looking for. Just to be a little bit technical for a split second: A hearing loop system is a set of wires circling …